Are you there, LeBron? It’s me, LeBron—a superstar’s ultimate pep talk

It’s me. Well, you. The 33-year-old you. I’m exactly who you hope you’re going to be: one of the most greatest NBA players of all time. I’m a few hours away from becoming just the seventh man in this game to score 30,000 points in a career. I thought about you today and thought I’d go…

The photo shows Carrie Underwood and Below Deck star, Adrienne Gang. The two women bumped into each other at a gym, and Gang shared a photo that that she had someone take of her and the country star after their workout. This picture is now being scrutinized. Here’s why. In November, Underwood revealed that she fell on the front stairs of her home. Not only did she end up breaking her wrist in the fall, but she also hurt her face and needed surgery. In a recent post on her fan page, Underwood revealed that she needed 40-50 stitches in her face and that her facial injury was a lot more serious than she had initially let on.

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  1. Have to give props to Cavs management. Don’t know how they convinced other teams to take their old and spent players, but they did it!

  2. The problem is even though Lebron is a great player, the mentality of him do everything alone only works sometimes. And that was young Lebron. He is 33. Been playing pro for 15 years. That’s a lot of hard miles. Pro sports years are like dog years.

    1. When KD joined the Warriors the “experts” asked if they would be able to learn to play together over a full season. The Cavs just replaced half their roster a week before the all star break and no one has brought is up

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